Steaming your face, this should be absolutely be a part of your regular facial regimen. it has so many benefits, plus it only takes 10 minutes to do at home, Steaming allows toxins to exit pores, softens skin and preps your face for a nourishing mask or fabulous moisturizer.
I try to as least once a week  steam my face ( FAIL)  i end up doing twice a month.  I have very oily skin  T – zone so my face is forever feels congested and I feel as though my pores are always clogged up or my skin feels dull. I like to steam my face and open up my pores to unclog them.
It not always good using too many skincare products on the face, so to give it a little breather steaming your face helps further cleanse (naturally). Also steaming helps to reduce the puff eyes or even puffy face.
When I steam my face ,  i usually sqeeuze some lemon juice or rose water  in the bowl giving me more benefits than just using water also love using these steamer/toner tablets by lush.  Lush products  are amazing to use as they are all organic and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

My favourite is the Tea Tree Toner Tablet which is £1  this contains Tea Tree which is known for its antibacterial properties so it can combat any bacteria, also this tablet contains Aloe Vera to soothe the skin. When you pores open up the steam can absorb into your skin and help with the process of cleansing your face.

The Dream Steam which is £2.50 is also a favourite. This also contains tea tree oil and other ingredients such as chamomile blue oil to help soothe your skin, rose absolute to reduce redness. This will help with anyone who’s skin always gets irritated or puffs up easily this will calm your skin and soothe it down.

Thanks for reading x

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