NIP & Fab Dragon Blood Products

At the moment I love skincare more than makeup,  now we all want that perfect flawless makeup but the first step is to have a good base (skin).

I wake up early everyday and use public transport ( train) so my skin ended up getting very dull and dry, so I decided to change-up my skincare and get more hydrating products which would help, so started looking at Nip & Fab products. Now the main Ingredients in their  skincare are  glycolic acid , hyaluronic acid or salicylic acid,  which are amazing for your skin.

i bought this amazing duo ( these are sold separately)  by NIP and FAB  Dragon Blood fix cleansing pads and Plumping mask which both contain glycolic acid. hyaluronic acid or salicylic acid,  which helps to cleanse your pores and works as a exfoliater which is really good for every one( if you don’t exfolite then start! ). Hyaluronic helps to smoothen the texture of your skin  so anyone with bumpy skin & dry skin this  will work amazing for them! but  always remember to moisture after.

 The Pads are soaked in these effective acids so they help to tone.  Skin ends up leaving as  refreshed  smooth and radiant,  for these pads i would recommend using these every 2 or 3 times a week.

Pluming Mask have the same benefits, you can use it as an overnight treatment or a full face mask , it makes your skin feel soft and deeply refreshed

The Plumping Mask is described as an intensely hydrating gel mask combining skin perfecting complexes to plump the look of wrinkles and refine the skin’s appearance for a brighter, more youthful complexion.

It contains Dragon’s Blood (again resin from the Croton Lechleri Tree) to form a protective film on the skin to protect against environmental aggressors, Salicylic Acid to cleanse pores and aid exfoliation, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and refine the skin’s texture, Glycerin to draw water to the outer layer of the skin to keep it moisturised and lastly TEGO Cosmo C250 to brighten the skin and fade age spots.

To Use The Mask:

 It’s recommend applying a thick layer to the skin for ten minutes and then rinse, or you can use it as an intense treatment by leaving it on overnight and rinsing in the morning. Once first applied to the skin, it feels quite wet but when you come to rinse the mask away, most of the mask has already absorbed into the skin.

The gel texture is really soothing on the skin. TIP you can keep  the tube in the fridge to intensify the cooling and soothing effect. After ten minutes, it leaves my skin feeling amazing and looking plump and radiant. I really love that this mask gives such noticeable, instant results and it is just perfect for my dry and dehydrated skin.

Thanks for reading x

4 thoughts on “NIP & Fab Dragon Blood Products

  1. jasmin says:

    I love their Glycolic Fix Daily cleansing pads and also the night ones. The night pads are the best, you can literally see the difference the next day 🙂 -great post and blog x

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