NIP & FAB Eye Shadow Palette Review


Nip and Fab are absolute gods of skin care, products for every skincare issue and cool af product names, how could they not be? They recently dropped an entire makeup line.  SO here we are. Reviewing products again

I’ve been using the eyeshadow palette for a good few weeks to give it a good fair trial.  First of all, it’s all reasonably priced for what it is; they’ve really done well with quality whilst keeping it within an affordable price range.

I got the Sculpted Eyeshadow Palette seems like good value for money. You get 12, generous pans for just £10.95. The shadows are soft, buttery shadows and the trendy shade range..

It’s a neutral’s lover’s dream with 8 mattes (ranging from creams, transition shades and deep brown / purple smoky shades), 2 shimmers (Cleopatra and Ignite) and 2 shimmer-infused mattes (Duchess and In Vogue).

Pigmentation of the Sculpted Eyeshadow Palette

When I first got the palette, I did what everyone does. I stuck my fingers into the different shades and swatched them on my arm. I was genuinely impressed. I decided to use a brush and see how well they blend and they all blend fairly good.

I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented these shades are, I could not stop swatching them. My favourite shades have to be Camel, Cleopatra, Biscuit and heat. You can honestly create a whole host of looks for this one palette, it has great base shades, transition shades and dark shades for Smokey eyes.

I really like this palette I adore the colours. That delicious, warm brown and that pretty burgundy has me smitten.

pat 2



I’m so pleased I purchased this! I love all the colours from white to dark brown. I do think it’s good for value as being a drugstore its good. It’ the cheapest price but Superdrug does give out good deals as currently there for 3 for 2 😉

Purchase from here:

nipandfab. eyeshadow-palette-sculpted

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