Benefit Lip & Cheek Stain and Balm set

Lip Tints from Benefit

I’m not big fan of lipsticks or lip liners, so I’ve always opted out and used lip tints or lip balms to give a natural radiance colour to my lips.

I bought this collection a while ago about 2 years to be exact and they’ve lasted me this long! I’ve always loved benefits cosmetics and their collection is amazing from the foundations, concealers to lip tints/balms.

My favourite one is the Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint, is Benetint which is a red lip tint that’s very mild yet it has high pigment lip colour. It looks like red water and smells nice. Posietint again mild and pigmented colour but has more of a creamy consistency. Both tints have a nail polish style applicator that makes it easier to use especially for lip tint beginners.

The Difference:

Benetint: This is a rose-tinted stain – while the posietint seems a bit more creamy, this is definitely a straight up liquid. Gives a very sheer, natural flush to the cheeks and makes your lips look like they’re just naturally pigmented. Posietint: This is pink stain but it is different in texture, it’s creamy not a water stain , probably my go to one at the moment; you only need to apply a little

For the lips I use the applicator that comes with it and apply on my lips and sweep it for a couple of times depending on how dark or light you want the colour to come out and blend and Let it dry.

Now you can use these on your cheeks, I’ve tried them on my cheeks. I don’t use the applicator straight on my skin instead I dab the tint onto my finger and use my finger to blend the tint onto my cheeks move it around ASAP with my fingers so it doesn’t dry in a line.

BUT a cheek stain is never so straightforward. With every tint you will end up getting pink fingers if only applied with your fingers and so usually end up wiping most of the product off during this process, and it’s quick drying so you have to act fast.

You can use a brush or a beauty blender, for me I think the beauty blender or any makeup sponge will do the job, it blends instantly and leaves no marks.  But unfortunately after a while, it ends up looking patchy which isn’t flattering, not sure if there is any solution to stop this yet.

These are build up tints so you can apply until you get the desired result.

The packaging for these tints is simple, but cute. The shiny bottles do get dirty quite quickly, but they are easy to clean up.


Lip Balm

Now benefit did a brilliant job with this formula! It’s balmy yet weightless, moist and  hydrating, and it looks natural and pretty on my lips.  BUT yes another but it’s too, too sheer. I admit I was disappointed. They didn’t market these as super pigmented but I did expect them to have enough pigment to look like their namesakes or even enough so they looked different from one another but once applied it seems like every shade looked the same on me. The balms have a fairly thin consistency, meaning they’re really comfortable to wear, and aren’t heavy or sticky on the lips at all.

I have the shades of Posietint (pink tone) and Benebalm (red tone).

With Posietint it does leave a sheer but shimmery look on the lips which for everyday look give’s a natural finish  with the Benebalm it has the same effect of quite sheer but it does leave a natural colour to your lips.

I think these would look like if you used the lip tint first, then applied the balm over it would give a nice finishing touch or use a lip liner underneath.

The packaging I mean just look how beautiful they are! I love that the colour of the tube matches the balm itself, and each one has a different design, making them super easy to distinguish from each other. They feel really weighty and of good quality – the caps close with that satisfying click so they won’t be coming undone at the bottom of your bag.

  • Note – Other bloggers/reviews have said these may cause breakouts on the cheeks. – My view is breakouts can be caused due to the fact it is a unhygienic product to use on the cheeks, therefore use you’re fingers or a clean brush.
  • Note if you’re looking for a tinted balm that can cure your chapped lips, unfortunately you’ll need to keep searching. These don’t have that intense repairing formula, but instead, the right amount of moisture will keep your lips feeling healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

Overall, I absolutely love these balms and tints and I pretty much always have one stashed away in my handbag. If you’re after a super pigmented or highly nourishing lip product, these won’t be for you. However, if a gorgeous tint of colour with some added moisture is on your wish list, these are absolutely perfect and I would thoroughly urge you to least try one.

You can purchase these at Boots, Debenhams, or any benefit store;


benetint rose-tinted cheek & lip stain | Benefit Cosmetics

posietint poppy pink lip & cheek stain | Benefit Cosmetics

posiebalm pink lip balm | Benefit Cosmetics

Balm retails at £15.50

Tint retails at £25. 50

Thanks for reading♥


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